Thursday 18 January 2024

These habits of yours can destroy kidney health

It is essential that our kidneys function properly to regulate our hormones, balance electrolytes, and filter waste from the body. There are many things that can damage our kidney health. The most important thing is how we live. Let's see what are the habits that destroy kidney health.

Not drinking water

Many organs in our body can function properly only if we drink enough water. Especially if we want to remove the waste and toxins from our body, it is necessary to have proper water in our body.

Likewise, it is essential to drink enough water to maintain the health of our kidneys. Because if we don't drink water, urine doesn't form properly. This lack of urine causes the waste to not be expelled from the body. It also causes problems like kidney stones and deteriorates the health of the kidney.


Today, many people rely on painkillers for even the slightest pain. Taking such excessive pain relievers is actually not good for our health. This is a major cause of damage to our kidney health in particular. This causes inflammation in the kidney. Therefore, it is not advisable to take such high-dose medicines without a doctor's prescription.

Eating too much salt

You can't eat food without salt. But consuming too much of the same salt is not good for our health. Especially some people feel like eating only if it is salty enough. However, consuming too much salt in this way can damage the health of our kidneys. Because too much salt in the body increases the blood pressure and also causes hypertension. This increase in hypertension is not good for kidney health.

Alcohol and smoking

Today, even young people are walking around with smoking and drinking as a part of their lifestyle to show off their good style. Drinking and smoking like this is not good for health. This leads to kidney diseases as well as increase in kidney diseases.

Retention of urine

Some people, especially women, are seen holding back their urine. This kind of habit actually causes our kidney health to be destroyed altogether. When we hold in urine, urine is more likely to travel back into the kidney. This leads to kidney infection. So, urinate when you knock to urinate.

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